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Fall General Membership Meeting

Claim Jumper Restaurant in Fountain Valley

October 2008

The Fall General Membership Meeting was held at the Claim Jumper Restaurant in Fountain Valley.  With the threat of rain our “car count” was down from previous GM meetings.  It was decided last year that only a single GM meeting will be held each year to conduct SoCalSACC business.  This meeting would nominate and elect a 2009 slate of Board members.  This year, Bruce Fuhrman, current Chapter President, would be in office for 2 years which is an established limit a we would need to elect a new President, or change the requirements to extend his term limit in office.  During the year, at the SACC National Convention, Bruce volunteered to replace the National Secretary and accordingly, he could not serve in a Chapter and the National Board at the same time.

With the exception of the rain threat, the meeting went well and I think was enjoyed by all in attendance. There were only about 12 C-1 in the line up and we all know why. Thanks to those who risked getting their feet wet for bringing their C-1’s. Included in the line up were 3 race cars (see photos). Bob Drennen’s white ’56 race car, Wayne Foss’s ’58 Turquoise big brake, fuelie and Kent Brownings red big brake, fuelie from his collection.
Fifty three Corvette enthusiasts enjoyed a great “Picnic Lunch” served by the Claim Jumper with excellent service. Unfortunately Bruce Fuhrman did not participate in much “tire kicking” since it took 45 minutes to get his lap top to talk to the digital projector! Problem finally solved as a bad cable connector! Sound familiar? After the tire kicking, Jim Gessner, a real Corvette guy, gave us a brief introduction to his movie “California Screaming” which was a one hour summary of the early days of Corvette racing history including some great footage of the cars and drivers. Jim had been exposed to all the great names in Corvette racing including three drivers of Corvette fame who joined us for the day; Dick Gulstrand, Joe Freitas & Davey Jordan. Over the last 35 years, Jim has owned and restored over 60 corvettes. Check him out on
After the lunch. Bruce Fuhrman conducted the “official” annual membership meeting which included thanks to all those supporting the chapter (see minutes), plus a summary of 2008 events and what is planned for 2009. The “really big” event being the 2009 SACC National convention in Ventura on 17-21 July. The 2008 slate of officers was re-elected with the exception of the President, Bruce Fuhrman. Bruce accepted a position on the SACC National board as Secretary which was held by Lucy Badenhoop since SACC was founded. Since the by-laws prohibit serving on a National and Chapter board at the same time, Bruce needed to step down from the Chapter Board. Phil Roche was kind enough to accept Larry Wright’s nomination and will be the new Chapter President effective 1 January 2009. Phil comes with great credentials. He is past President of the SO CAL Vintage Corvette Club, worked for Dick Gulstrand for many years and is very knowledgeable on Corvettes. He also owns a ’54 so Bruce felt comfortable with him taking over the reigns!

With Dick Gulstrand looking on, guest speaker Jim Gessner talks to the audience about his movie California Screamin.  Jim, a long time Corvetter restorer and racing enthusiast and member of our Chapter spoke along with his slide show.

This Big Brake racing 1962 car is from the collection of Kent Browning.  Kent is also a member of the SoCal Chapter and a previous Tech Session was held at his facility (Spring 2008)

This 1958 race car belongs to Wayne Foss.
The 1956 Corvette above belongs to Bill Drennen.