So. Cal. Solid-Axle Corvette Club Chapter Members, and their Rides!

Group 3

Members Featured in Group 3

Charlie & Jeanne Bacon, #15C, 1957

Jim & Joan Neilson, #28C, 1957

Bob Pinkney, #57

Ralph Haun, #74, 1957


Charlie &  Jeanne Bacon (#83) with their ’57 FI Vette at the National Convention in Truckee.  They live in the Running Springs area near Big Bear Lake.


Jim &  Joan Neilson (#28C) with their “hybrid” ’57 Corvette.  This hybrid appears as a ’57 but everything underneath is changed.  Jim did the work and it is beautiful.


Bob Pinkney (#57) is a So. Cal. member living in New York state.  Bob came out to the National Convention on the train.

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Ralph Haun (#74) and his ’57 Fulie.  Ralph hosted our Fall 06 General Membership Meeting in Dana Point.

Historical Interest:

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It is a photo of my ’58, daily driver at that time, much raced, and holder of several records; this photo taken at El Mirage Dry Lakes in the very early ’60’s.