Malibu Tour

The Malibu Tour was organized by member John Costales.  Members met at Paradise Cove in the Malibu Area.

Malibu conjures up many images to the rest of the world and the location of this tour somewhat supports that image.  The small cove is very reminiscent of all the 60’s Beach movie locations.  The cove is surrounded by some very beach-type residents and houses.  SoCal SACC member John Costales coordinated this tour which provided a great backdrop for our group.
The Beach Cafe was just that, a cafe and a watering hole for the locals.  Between the cafe and the surf was some great beach and areas for sitting under straw umbrella’s.
John Costales is seen here with his wife talking with Larry Pearson (left) and Jack Revel (right).
Naturally, when you go to Malibu, you dress like Malibu should look.  These four typically represent So. Cal. and how the rest of the World perceives us.
The beach scenes are along the surf in the cove.  Reportedly, the lower picture is the location where a trailer home was parked during filming of the “Rockford Files” with James Garner.
C1’s as blue as the surf.  To the left is a aztec blue ’59 and to the right is a Horizon Blue ’60.
When the call went out for a Group Shot several male members were missing.  Reportedly, a female nude sunbather was on the beach and that “calling” was more urgent than obtaining a group shot.  However, the several that did go down to the beach did say she had no “tan lines”, but then to top that off, none of them had a camera for a Newsletter shot.