National SACC Application!

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The solid Axle Corvette Club (SACC) is actually the second organization devoted solely to enjoying the solid axle Corvettes (1953 – 1962).  The first was the Solid Axle Corvette Enthusiasts (SACE). 
SACE was started in 1986 by Noland Adams, Roy Braatz and Lucy Badenhoop.  It grew steadily, but in the early 1990’s, the organization ceased function.
Noland and Lucy were reluctant to let the club concept die, so in 1994, Larry Richter and Max Brockhouse were recruited and a new organization was formed as SACC.  Larry incorporated the club as a not-for-profit entity in his home state of Oregon, so the organizational concept of a club could not be jeopardized.
Since that time, SACC has continued to grow.  It started in 1994 with about 300 members in the National SACC and one Chapter (the Northwest Chapter for Washington, Oregon. and British Columbia in western Canada), which was a holdover from the SACE days.  That chapter was first led by Bill Eldridge.
During the remainder of the 1990’s, a second chapter evolved in southern Illinois, which was formalized as the West Central Illinois Chapter with Jack “Doc” Hollada as its first President.  It was later renamed the Central Great Rivers Chapter when it added eastern Missouri And western Kentucky
The next three chapters formed at a steady pace.  In 2001, the Mid-Atlantic chapter formed (consisting of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia) with Brad Bean as the first President.  In 2002, the Great Lakes Chapter was formed (north half of Illinois and all of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin) with Jane and Jim Snyder leading the group.  In February 2005, the Southern California Chapter got off to a great start under the guidance of President Richard Block.
Close behind are a group in Arizona under the leadership of Steven Neel and one in Northern California led by James LaJolla.  As these groups are attempting to get organized, we hope to welcome them as official chapters in the near future.

Southern California Solid Axle Corvette Club