Technical Session

Spring 2007

The Spring 2007 Tech Session was held at the “Toyota Museum” in Torrance, Calif..   So. Cal. SACC members, Rick Dufresne,  Stan Kiyan & wives, coordinated the event and paid attention to the attendee’s comfort features.  Rick & Stan are employed at Toyota.  The museum is a “work in progress” but currently stores many items from Toyota’s history in the U.S..The Tech Sessions define much of what the Solid-Axle Corvette Club (SACC) is about.  Working on their cars, knowledge, repairing & camaraderie are the keynotes felt within the organization.  “Save the Wave” and keep the C1’s on the road!

Since our Chapter’s beginning in Spring 2004, Chapter member Chip Werstein has coordinated these sessions and, to date, this particular session was the largest with 64 attendee’s and over 30 cars.  Also, at the session the chapter picked up 3 new members bringing the total membership to 108.  At these sessions, Chip selects 4 topics to present and locates members to talk about the selected topics and bring their experiences to the group.  Usually, attendee’s in the audience have further knowledge/experiences to also add.

The Topics covered at this Tech Session were (all topics discussed specifically targeted the C-1 Corvette):

C1 Battery Care.htm C1 Steering Box.htm Kent Browning Collection.htm Cooling Problems Roller Tappet Cam Gas Tank Odors.htm Ignition Timing.htm Headlight Aiming.htm C1 Clutch Linkage.htm C1 Parking Brake.htm

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(L to R) The coordinating trio from Toyota.  Stan Kiyan, Susan Sanborn and Rick Dufresne.  Stan and Rick (members of So. Cal. SACC) work together in the Toyota automotive section and Susan is the Museum executive coordinator.

Chapter President, Bruce Fuhrman, greets everyone and gave thanks to those coordinating members who organized this Tech Session.
Membership and Treasurer John Costales makes sure everyone is paid-up before the event began.
After an hour of kicking tires and two tech sessions, it was chow-down time.  Lucille’s BBQ catered the event supplying some great food.
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