2006 was the year and Truckee was the site for the SACC National Convention!

After experiencing several weeks of high temperatures and humidity (unusual

for California) it was a comforting environment at Truckee, Ca., high up in the

Sierra’s.  This old mining town, located on the north side of Lake Tahoe was an 

ideal environment to finally relax in some comforting weather and enjoy our C1’s.  Over 30 C1’s participated with many additional members traveling (by other means than a C1) from the east coast to join us. 

NOTE: The Tech Session Presentations at Truckee are located on this Web Site in the “Tech Sessions” Section, under Truckee Tech.
The National convention was held at the Truckee Tahoe Inn in Truckee, California.  Truckee is on Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Reno.Those driving their C1’s or towing by trailer complained about the condition of the I-80 truck lane.  It was almost impossible to navigate.

But the Inn was very suitable for out convention and the weather was superb as was the scenery.

Arrival on Monday!  It is always an experience to “pack” a C1 when you travel for longer distances.  One member traveled from New York in his C1.  Many in the California drove while some did trailer.
Registration and snacks greeted everyone Monday Night.  It was a nice social to meet n’ greet everyone.  David Freedman (So Cal member) is wearing the hat in the foreground, he was going to attend nearby Hot August Nights in Reno and stopped by for a visit.  David was riding with a friend in a early 50’s customized Merc convertible.
Lucy Badenhoop welcomes all to the day of Tech Sessions and introduces John Kennedy standing near the mic.  Noland Adams also stands nearby. John Kennedy spoke about the area of C1 & C2 Soft Tops and other upholstery issues.  John has had 50 years of practical experience and currently limits fabricating and installing soft tops on ’53 to ’55 C1’s.

Other speakers during the day were Larry Pearson speaking on Silicon Brake Fluid installation, Joe Calcangno speaking about the 1956 design changes from the ’55 Vette and Larry Richter discussing how to prepare your car for NCRS judging.

For further information on each of these speakers, go to the Tech Session Section of this Web Site and click on Truckee Tech.
Wednesday was Tour Day!  Lucy Badenhoop layed out our tour which drove through some beautiful mountain scenery going to Nevada City, Ca..  Elevations reached over 7000 feet during the drive and nearing Nevada City, some of the group divided off to visit the longest covered bridge in US.  Others continued on to Nevada City.  Everyone eventually arrived in Nevada City and they were on their own for lunch.  After lunch most individually traveled back to Truckee or toured further to Grass Valley.

(Below)  So Cal members Chip & Jenni Werstein also line up for departure.

Entering into Downieville and our first necessary Pit Stop.  It had been a beautifully long drive from Truckee, however it was right after drinking too much coffee at the hotel.

Below is another scene of the town square, which we filled.

(above) The first SR2 Corvette was seen driving with our tour onto Nevada City.  The SR2 is owned by Rich Mason of Carson City, Nv.

After some research on the SR2 (supplied by John Costales and Chip Werstein) it was determined that a total of 4 SR2’s were built on a basic 1956 Corvette configuration.  The one shown above is the first built and was constructed for Jerry Earl, son of Harley Earl and ending up in Rich Mason’s corral.  Rich Mason’s SR2 has a neat dual air meter FI unit (two air meters on the left side) on that engine.

The second SR2 was built for Bill mitchell, assistant to Harley Earl who was the head of styling.  The second SR2 (commonly referred to as the Mitchell SR2) is now owned by Bill Tower.  The Mitchell SR2 did in fact have an air box and it was reced at Sebring with the air-box.

The third SR2 was built for Harlow Curtis who was president of GM. This SR2 is currently owned by the previous owner of ZIP Products.

 John Neas is the owner of the fourth SR2. John Neas SR2 has a detachable “medium” fin behind the driver seat.  It also has an all aluminum (Chevy block, not aftermarket block) 350 with an FI unit.

All SR2’s were built from ’56 cars, thus, when they were built, there was no fuel injection available.  Fuel Injection was later added (along with different engines).

A short visit to the longest covered bridge in the US.
On the tour to Nevada City, Ca.  Main St. Nevada City seen below.
Banquet facilities on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe.  Beautiful day!
Wednesday evening was the Banquet!  The site for this event was Frank’s Beach on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  It was a short 12 mile drive to the event and view’s were spectacular.  A catered buffet was available and a short program followed.  Prior to the evening meal we were entertained by Jack “Doc” Hollada singing and playing his guitar (It must be wonderful to be so talented).  Doc, as most refer to him, flew in from Illinois and is National Web Site Webmaster.(Above) Lucy Badenhoop, National SACC Secretary, hands out plaques to the Tech Session presenters for their presentations.  L to R Larry Pearson, Joe Calcango, John Kennedy and Larry Richter.  The right picture is Bruce Fuhrman, So Cal. SACC President, who is returning to the table after receiving a raffle prize.  There were many raffle prizes handed out.
Thursday was “Show n’ Shine and Leave Day”.  While many attendee’s stayed another day and traveled to Reno to see what “Hot August Nights” is all about, others decided to get on the road and head home, either driving or towing.

(l to r above) Pearson (drove Hwy 395), Lundal (drove Hwy 99 & Hwy I-80), Neilson (drove Hwy 395), Costales (towed), Bacon (drove Hwy 395), Werstein (towed) and Brown (drove I-15 and Hwy 395 from San Diego).  Not pictured: Fuhrman (towed) and McKloskey (towed). This is the C1 representation for So. Cal.
So Cal SACC members on Departure Day.  (l to r) Bob Pinkney from New York (took train cross-country), Mike McKloskey, Chip Werstein, Jim Lundal and Larry Pearson.
Jack “Doc” Hollada and Jim Lundal pose in Jim’s ’60 on departure day.  Doc is one of those spark plugs in the National club.  He sang and played guitar at the banquet and is Webmaster for the National Web Site.
John & Judi Costales pose in front of Lake Tahoe prior to entering the banquet.  John is Membership Chair & Treasurer for the So Cal SACC Chapter. Above appears the design for this National Convention.  The design was on all the T-shirts.