Fall General Membership Meeting

Stuft Pizza – Dana Point

Oct. 2006

Saturday, October 28th was a beautiful day and 21 cars showed up at Stuft Pizza in Dana Point for our So Cal General Membership Meeting.  SoCalSACC member Ralph Haun (#74), proprietor of Stuft Pizza, hosted this event. Ralph had parking blocked off adjacent to his establishment and cars began arriving about 9AM from all over the So Cal area.  Attending were cars from San Diego, Ventura and north to Bakersfield.  By 11AM our contingent had pretty much all arrived and we had drawn out 21 cars.  It was pointed out that this was only two cars less than showed up at the August National Convention in Truckee, Ca.  We are active!

Two visitors and one new member attended the meeting.  Randy Solle rode with San Diego member Bob Brown and joined while at the meeting.  The two visitors, Patricia Eckert and Nina Dawson, attended from the Newport Beach area.  Pat Eckert is an acquaintance of Chip Werstein and owns a original ’62 Fulie.   Chip is currently working on Pat’s car at his garage.

During the subsequent meeting, ballots were distributed for the Chapter Officers for 2007.  Members present voted on the nominee’s.  Also, Leland McCoy volunteered to be Club Liaison to the National SACC organization and work as Events Coordinator.  Reports were made by Chapter officers and volunteers and Raffle prizes were drawn.  By 2PM most members were heading back to the “Road Home”.




Above, are lineups of members and cars on this beautiful sunny day.  Members drove from San Diego (south), Bakersfield (north) and Ventura (west) to attend this twice yearly event.


“Educational Tire-Kicking” is a common occurrence at these sessions.  All these drivers are always receptive to suggestions to keep our C1’s running.  Above, four members review Hal Vatcher’s (yellow shirt) ’62 while Steve Clifford (red shirt) and Dwight McDonald (denim shirt) and unidentified bystander with black hat discuss some point of interest.


Chip Werstein (left) and Doug Prince (rt.) are flanked by Patricia Eckert (left) and friend Nina Dawson (rt.)


Yea!  They all look alike, but different colors.


Ralph Haun’s black ’57 FI sits to the left.  Ralph was our host for the day at his Stuft Pizza establishment seen below.  Stuft Pizza is located in Dana Point, Ca.


Above, Membership Chairperson, John Costales (#4F), uses his ’57 as a desk to complete the paperwork for two Chapter members, Bob Crouch (#27C) and Dana Point resident Joe Orsini (#11C).


Chapter President, Bruce Fuhrman, stands by the ballot box while coordinating the Membership Meeting.  The same officers currently holding offices in 2006 were on the ballot for 2007.  The present board was unanimously re-elected for 2007. 


Above, (CW) Wally Carroll, Eric Hershkowitz (Bakersfield) and new member Randy Solle (San Diego) sample the soup prior to the arrival of the pizza.

Ralph Haun’s Stuft Pizza establishment.