Technical Session

November 2007

The Fall Technical Session was held at the Toyota Museum in Torrance, California.  This is the same venue used for the Spring Session and contains all the facilities needed for these large events.  Again, Rick Dufresne #86 and Stan Kiyan #87, and their wives, organized everything. 

There is considerable amounts of experience’s and a considerable amount of talent in our Chapter when it comes to maintaining and keeping our C1’s on the road.  Chip Werstein, our Chapter’s Tech Director, initiated the Tech Sessions about 3 years ago and it has grown considerable from the past.  This Session we had 3 C1 topics (brought down from 4 to provide more Q & A time).  Jeff Reade discussed C1 cooling problems, Doug Prince discussed packaging a Roller Cam set up into a stock appearing Chev V8 and Chip Werstein talked about the refurbishment of the 4-speed shifter unit.  The impetus for the latter topic was the shifter failure on a recent tour to Santa Inez Valley.

The Topics covered at this Tech Session were (all topics discussed specifically targeted the C-1 Corvette):

  1. Cooling Problems
  2. Building a Roller Tappet Cam Engine
  3. Refurbishing the C1 4-speed Shifter
Cooling Issues

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The 2008 Chapter Officer’s appear above (to the left) along with a volunteer. LtoR John Costales: Membership & Treasurer, Mike Gibbons: Vice President, Bruce Fuhrman: President, Larry Pearson: Secretary and Jim Lundal: Newsletter Editor and Webmaster.
Jenni Werstein takes charge of registration as members arrive.
Diane Strother visits our Tech Session in her original ’60 which she got from her father.  This car was featured in the Aug ’07 Solid Scoop newsletter.  This newsletter can be viewed in the “Newsletter” section of this Web Site.   Diane lives in the area of our Tech Session.  Diane is now a member of SoCalSACC Chapter.
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