So. Cal. Solid-Axle Corvette Club Chapter Members, and their Rides!

Group 1

Members Featured in Group 1

Bruce Fuhrman, #2F, 1954

Richard Block, #1F, 1960

John & Judy Costales, #4F, 1957

Chip & Jenni Werstein, #3F, 1957/1961

Doug Prince, #47C, 1961

Jim & Judy Lundal, #19C, 1960

Larry Pearson, #5C, 1960

Russell Bergen, #25C, 1962

Gary & Linda Hiltunen, #26C, 1953

Fred & Pamela Ellermann, #205, 1956


Bruce Fuhrman (#2F) and his 1954 Roadster.  Bruce is the current 2006 So. Cal. SACC Chapter President.   Bruce also has served as 2005 Vice President.  Bruce drove the car to from California to Nashville, Tn. in 2005 during a Bowling Green Tour.  Bruce is a founding member of the So. Cal. Chapter.


Block 2

Richard Block (#1F) and his original owner 1960 Vette.  Richard was the first So. Cal. SACC Chapter President and was the 2006 Vice President.  Richard is a founding member of the So. Cal. Chapter.

Below Richard is seen with his “freshly painted” same ’60 Vette in Spring 2009.



John Costales (#4F) and his 1957 Vette.  John is the Membership Chairperson for our Chapter.  John is also seen in the picture below with his wife Judi.  John is a founding member of the So. Cal. Chapter.




Chip & Jenni Werstein (#3F) pose in front of “one” of their Vettes.  Chip is Chief Coordinator of our So. Cal. Chapter’s very Successful Tech Sessions and is one of the founding members of the Chapter.


This is Jenni’s Vette.  A ’60 was found and a ground up restoration by Chip.  Currently the car is being showed for NCRS judging.  Reportedly, Jenni has driven it!



Doug Prince (#47C) and his 1961 Vette.  Doug is our Chapter Fuel Injection Tech Advisor and has presented a Tech Session on the FI’s.



Jim & Judy Lundal’s (#19C) FI ’60 Vette (Horizon Blue).  Jim is Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. Yes, he drove the original alignment of Rt. 66 in 2003.




Larry Pearson (#5C) arrives in “one” of his several Rides.  This is a original 1960 Vette.  Larry is the Chapter Secretary for 2005 and 2006.  Larry has been a presenter at each of the last three tech sessions. 

Larry is also pictured below.




John Englehardt, #50C, stands beside his ’57.  John, known as Little John, is also the Chapter Upholstery Tech Advisor.



Russell Bergen #25C, and his ’62 VVVRRMM Black/Red Car.  Russell is from the San Diego area. Below is Russell’s wife Susie and dog Madison.


Gary Hiltunen

Gary & Linda Hiltunen, #26, standing with Noland Adams.  Featured is their ’53 Vette.

 Fred & Pamela Ellermann, #205, stand by their ’56 Vette, “56 LOVE”.

Southern California Solid Axle Corvette Club