So. Cal. Solid-Axle Corvette Club Chapter Members, and their Rides!

Group 2

Members Featured in Group 2

Jeff Reade, #33C, 1962

Bob & Liz Brown, #37C, 1959

Eric May, #71, 1961

Phil Roche, #42C, 1954

Rick Dufresne, #86, 1961

Bill & Terri Kupper, #10C, 1957

Steve Clifford, #58, 1962

Eric & Fran Hershkowitz, #15C, 1959


Jeff Reade (#33C) and his 1962 Vette.  Jeff has an active Corvette repair/restoration shop in Culver City.


Bob & Liz Brown (#37C) stand next to their ’59 Vette which they drove from San Diego to the Truckee meet.  Bob recently completed the engine only a night before leaving.  This takes guts, on Liz’s part at least.


Eric May (#71) smiles about his 1961 Vette.






Phil Roche (#42C) and his 1954 Vette Roadster.


Rick DuFresne (#86) beside his 1961 Fawn Biege Vette.


Bill & Teri Kupper (#10C) and their ’57.

Kupperw (1)


Steve Clifford (#58) stands behind his ’62 Vette.  Joe Orsini (previous picture) is about to get Noland Adam’s (seated in Steve’s car) autograph in his C1 Book.

Hershkowitz Eric & Fran Hershkowitz (#15C) with their ’59 FI Vette.  They reside in Bakersfield, north of LA about 60 miles.  Bakersfield is on the northern extent of the So. Cal. Region.