So. Cal. Solid-Axle Corvette Club Chapter Members, and their Rides!

Group 7

Members Featured in Group 7

James & Catherine Campbell, #193

Mike & Judy Woodings, #173

Ms. Pat Eckert, #99

Ed & Candi Daher, #175

Greg Dividian, #174

Diane Veiller, #127

Gary & Sonja Gray, #123

Tom Clayton, #148

Bob Ezra, #220

Dick McClure, #201

Ron & Donna Nolan, #231




James &  Catherine Campbell, #193, and their 1960 Vette.  The Car Serial Number is 9996 with dual quads and Powerglide.



Mike & Judy Woodings, #173, and their ’62 Vette.  Mike & Judy reside in the Santa Clarita area.


Pat Eckert, #99, stands beside her Fuel Injected ’62 which she purchased in 1963.  The color is red and a Fawn Biege interior.  The car has about 85,000 miles on the odometer.




 Ed & Candi Daher, #175.  Note: They are standing in next to Bob Bown’s Vette.  Hoping for a picture of their ’60.

Greg Dividian, #174 is seen with his 1960 Vette.


Diane Veiller, #127, stands beside her 1962 Fawn Biege Vette originally belonging to her father.  Diane is seen at the 2010 Fall Tech Session waiting for her safety inspection.  Diane has had the car restored for a couple of years.  Originally a Fuel Injected, the car now sports a single 4-bbl.


Gary Gray and wife Sonja, member #123.  Their ’62 Fawn Biege was originally purchased at Harry Mann Chevrolet.


Tom Clayton, #148 and his 1960 Vette.

IMG_0086w (1)

Bob Ezra #220

I am a new Corvette owner July 2013. I recently sold my Harley Davidson for a new adventure on 4 wheels.

IMG_0310w (1)

Dick McClure’s, (Member #201).  1962 Vette

IMG_1322w (2)

Ron & Donna Nolan, #231, 1960 FI Vette