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Signal and Taillight Connector Repair

Larry Pearson#5C, Walden Dahl #116, & Jim Lundal, #19C

C-1 Electrical Repair

SACC Tech Sessions have seen several Topics on C-1 Electrical Repair.  Most of these sessions were narrated be member Larry Pearson, #5c. Larry has encountered alternative techniques to solve Electrical Connector problems as well as other electrical problems encountered  during problems on your C-1.

Many occasions occur when operating and driving your C-1, mostly lights that don’t work, signal lights don’t operate all the time and other intermittent failures.

One problem that appears to be common with the C-1 electrical system is “grounding” for lights, radio’s, heaters, etc..  A “ground” is required for any electrical system component to operate.  Each component in the electrical system (the simplest being a light bulb) is supplied with a voltage ( positive battery 12V in most cases) to operate and that component must have a return method to provide a complete path (circuit) back to the negative battery post in order to function.  This return path is a metal item and can be the car body (for all metal car bodies), the car frame or a return wire.  The return path which is common for C-1’s is a simple wire back to the engine (negative battery is connected to the engine) or the cars metal frame.  A bad ground (loose screw, rust, dirt, etc.) can remove this return path or the connection can be intermittent causing intermittent operation (no lights, dim lights, etc.).

Taillight Repair 1

Taillight Repair 2

Taillight Repair 3

Taillight Repair 4
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