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Membership Applications can be downloaded from this page. 

NOTE: For Liability Reasons, it is a requirement to belong to the National SACC Organization in order to belong to the SoCalSACC Chapter.  The application listed below allows you to join both organizations.  SoCalSACC will forward your national membership  dues to become a National SACC member. 

Click on the Button below to download a Membership Application.
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Southern California Chapter Board

2016 Club Officers


President Phil Roche                                     pdr44@aol.com

Vice President Nyma Ardalan                    nyma@ardalan.org

Secretary Larry Pearson                               lpears1941@att.net

Treasurer Jenni Werstein                            jennibeth.w@gmail.com

Membership Greg Davidian                        gddavidian@gmail.com

Technical Manager Chip Werstein           chipsgarage@aol.com

Newsletter Editor Jim Lundal                   jlundal43@gmail.com

Merchandising Manager Barry Caires   barrycaires@att.net

Events Manager Barry Charles                   bcharles@bc-forensiccpa.com


Webmaster Jim Lundal                                 jlundal43@gmail.com

SACC Western Reg. Rep. Bill & Debi       Stalder stalder53@yahoo.com


1953 –1955  Bruce Fuhrman                          805-482-4396   bruce4info@aol.com

1956 –1957  Chip Werstein                             818-883-5766  chipsgarage@aol.com

1958 –1960  Chip Werstein                            818-883-5766  chipsgarage@aol.com

1961 –1962  Larry Pearson                             818-848-2653  lpears1941@att.net

Fuel Injection  Doug Prince                          818-348-6998  spankey496@socal.rr.com

Body & Paint

Interior  John Engelhardt                               714-267-9996  littlejohns@sbcglobal.net

Above are pictured the SoCalSACC Officer’s and Board Members for 2009.

(L to R) Bruce Fuhrman (2007& 2008 President), Chip Werstein (Tech Session Coordinator), John Costales ( Former Treasurer & Membership), Mike Gibbons ( Former Vice President), Phil Roche (2009 President), Larry Pearson (Secretary).

Southern California Solid Axle Corvette Club

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