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C1 Clutch Linkage


Doug Prince, #47

Doug’s presentation on lubricating the C1 Clutch mechanism began by quoting the GM service recommendation: “Lubricate with a few drops of engine oil every 1000 miles”. Doug followed that statement with an explanation that almost the entire clutch operating mechanism is metal-on-metal with no lubricating points.
In many instances, the clutch operating linkage is much like the steering gearbox, out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  Once something breaks, it will have to be looked at.  Doug brought many of the linkage parts and explained the operating aspect of each in the system.  He also indicated the high stress level on each part and indicated the critical area to be inspected on each part.
As the clutch pedal is depressed, engaging the clutch, a large over-the-center spring assists to exert force in pressuring the clutch.  This spring, sometimes referred to as a “gorilla spring”, is attached to the car frame and the clutch cross-shaft assembly.  Removing the spring, and installing it, can be dangerous because of its size.  A removal and installation procedure is outlined in the Corvette Service Manual, ST-12.  For further details in the clutch mechanism refer to the Chapter Web Site, C1 Technical under Tech Sessions (Fall 08) or Tech Topics.
Clutch sketch
Dismantling the Clutch linkage for inspection and lubrication is the primary method for properly lubricating the components.  Doug recommended Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease or a Permatex Anti-Seize compound which is a high temperature lubricant applied with a brush. This topic is covered in much more detail on the Chapter Web Site indicated above.

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