Paint Color Conversion Codes to Current Day Paints:
Water Pump Rebuilding:Arthur Gould Rebuilders, Fort Salonga, New York, (631) 269-0093.  Recommended by member John Costales.
FYI,   Door panel fix.
The product is   Au-ve=co  Grill Nuts # 13933. They come in a box of 50 @ approx $5.00 
Leland McCoy
Original Inspection Windshield Stickers:Submitted by R. Solle #94 of Valley Center, CA. 

Such a Deal, Don’t Pass it Up!
Corvette Specifications
Available from Chevrolet, years 1953 – 2005
Phone: 800/222-1020
Or call: Diane Foote, 866/790-5700, Ext. 21902
Ask For: “Restoration Kit”

SoCal member Ken Adrianse #129 provided the membership information for obtaining FREE specifications on early Corvettes.

This information was also submitted by member Ken Adrianse, #129:

At our November 2007 SACC Tech Session, Jeff Reade mentioned that a 170 degree thermostat would help some C1’s that have overheating problems, but that he has not been able to find one in many years.   I have been looking for a 170 degree unit for my C2 for some time (in all the wrong places) and finally did so last week on EBay.  GM part number 10220957, Gr.1.246 (AC Delco #131-84) 170 degree thermostat is available at any GM dealer or AC Delco store.  The AC Delco outlet that I called sells them for $8.49. 
My local Chevrolet dealer told me this morning that this part is still listed for 1953-62 Corvettes and retails for about $13.00.   They are packaged in a standard AC Delco box and made in the USA. 
I thought that some of our SACC members may be interested in this information as hot weather is only a few months away. 
Ken Adrianse