C1 Restoration

This section is designed to compile a series of articles which appeared in our Chapters Newsletter, The Solid SCOOP, over a several year period.  All articles were written by member Chuck Gibney as the restoration progressed on two (2) 1962 C1 Corvettes.  These two ’62’s belong to Chuck and fellow member George Iverson, respectively.  Both members are friends and planning on doing the restoration individually but since the work would be performed close to one another and commonality of parts had to be acquired it was decided to team up their efforts.  Joining this duo was another Chapter member Steve Clifford who has extensive knowledge on ’62 Corvettes having completed the restoration of his car years earlier.  Also, Steve lives in the vicinity of the work going to happen.

The series of articles appear below and are titled to hopefully assist the viewer in finding a specific explanation covering a certain article.  Just click on the title and those article pages will appear and can be reviewed.  If questions arise Chuck Gibney can be reached at email cgibney@cox.net.

The restoration progressed somewhat simultaneously but once work began it was quite evident that Chuck’s car had considerable more “damage” or deterioration than George’s.  This was primarily due to Chuck’s car was a East coast car and, as the articles explain, had considerable more rust and had some collision damage repaired. George’s car was a West Coast car, just old and tired.

Each owner was not restoring to a “show trailer Queen” although they maintained original design aspects.  George’s car was to have FI and Chuck’s was to use a single 4-bbl.  George’s car was to be painted red and Chuck’s was going to maintain closely the maroon.