San Sylmar Tour

J.B. Nethercutt’s magnificent collection is on display in Sylmar, Ca. located in the San Fernando Valley.  The collection is housed in two buildings and is FREE!  However, you must have reservations to tour the main building but a new building across the street houses almost 150 cars.

J.B. and his wife Dorthy both died in 2004 and left the collection in a trust which will take care of it for many years.  J.B. is the owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics which provided the funds for his collection.

10 Cars met at the museum and a very pleasant day in June 2006.  SoCalSACC President Bruce Fuhrman coordinated this tour and the following meal at a nearby Mexican Restaurant.

Flash Pictures were not allowed within the main building for security reasons.  Several members took pictures without flash and will be entered into this tour when available.  The collection of cars, music boxes and instruments, clocks, hood ornaments etc. are very well displayed and pictures have trouble doing justice to this collection.


The parking lot at the Nethercutt Museum exhibits our groups cars.  The big metal Chevy belongs to member Jim Lundal whose ’60 is home waiting for a new radiator and water pump.

Entrance to this 5 story building (including basement).  Two giant doors open and both are cast bronze weighing 1500 lbs. per door.  Reservations are required in this portion of the Collection.  The buildings behind this large building houses the restoration facilities.  Mr. & Mrs. Nethercutt lived in the upper levels of this building for many years.


The Grand Salon!  Two story’s high with marble floors.  When cars are moved around, air bearing supports are used to maneuver the autos to the elevator at the end of the room.  This is only one side of this spectacular area.  Each car is ready to start and go “all the time”.

People shot

The mezzanine level above the Grand Salon.  This level displays an extensive Hood Ornament collection including many which are collectible glass from notable collections.  This collection received extensive damage during the “Northridge” earthquake.


This is the museum building across the street from San Sylmar.  San Sylmar is the name given by J.B. when he created this small area.  This portion of the museum is Free and you do not need an appointment.

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This cute little beauty greets you as you enter the smaller museum.  It is a 19xx
This 30’s trailer and tow car (Pierce Arrow) were stunning.
“Out Back” of the museum, Mr. Nethercutt placed a full sized “Hudson” steam engine connected to the “Huntington” private car.  All of this equipment is completely restored and accessible to the visitors.