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Important Notice

Our Corvette Club Needs your help,

2023 National SACC and SoCal SACC Dues are due on Dec 1, 2022. Dues are $55 ($10 for So Cal Chapter and $45 National)

As in the past our SoCal Chapter will collect both dues and send all dues at one time to the National SACC by the deadline of December 15.

We will collect dues at our upcoming Tech Session on October 22. Or you can make out a check for $55 payable to SoCal SACC.

Mail to:

C/O Barry Charles
SoCal SACC Membership

19528 Ventura Blvd. #255
Tarzana CA 91356
If you have questions or comments, please call Barry or contact him via email at
Phone (818) 645-1109

Thank you for your help!