General Tech Topics

Below, you’ll find some past Technical Topics submitted by our membership to possibly assist you in your C1 work.
Additional Tech Topics: are included in our Chapter’s Tech Sessions held over the years.  Below you will find a list of those Tech Topics.  Click on the C1 Tech Topic subject you want to read about and it will take you directly to that subject matter.

Keep Those C-1’s on the Road!

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Starter Circuitry  submitted by Jim Lundal #19C

Clutch Return Spring R&R “Gorilla Spring” submitted by Jim Lundal, #19C

Rear Spring Restoration submitted by Chip Werstein #3F

Disc Brake Conversion written by Jim Lundal, #19C

Rear Axle Bearings written by Tom Parsons and submitted by John Costales, #4F

Rear Axle Bearing Replacement written by Jim Lundal, #19C

1954 Corvette PCV Conversion submitted by Bruce Fuhrman #2F

4-spd. Shifter Refurbishment: Chip Werstein

Oil & Gas Issues for old engines by Bruce Fuhrman & Doug Prince

Battery Care Presenter: Larry Pearson

Headlight Alignment: Chip Werstein

Signal and Taillight Connector Repair

C1 Signal/Parking Light System, Jim Lundal, #19C

The 1956 California License Plate Story, submitted by Dwight McDonald, #61, retired CHP

Fuel Tank Odors, Presenter: Chip Werstein

Ignition Timing, Presenter: Doug Prince

Roller Tappet Cam Engine, Presenter: Doug Prince

Harmonic Balancer Repair, John Costales, #4F

Fiberglass information

Clutch Linkage Lubrication: Doug Prince, #47

Parking Brake Adjustment: Larry Pearson, #5C

Steering Gearbox Rebuild by Jeff Reade, #33

Windshield Washer System by Walden Dahl #116

Bowden Wire/Cable Repair by Eric Hershkowitz, #15C

Cooling Issues Presenter: Jeff Reade, #33

C1 Electrical Issue’s



Kent Browning Collection

Southern California Solid Axle Corvette Club